Our services 


Managing information to make your organization successful can be a daunting task. Whether you're focused on clients or employees, we can answer these questions for your organization. We have 3 major categories of services. Within each category, we offer specific solutions. 


Don't hesitate to reach out to us anytime to discuss how we can build a unique plan for your organization's information management. 

Content Strategy & Intelligence services

  • Is your organization struggling with how to develop a content strategy?


  • Do you want to see the big-picture, understanding how the strategy improves your bottom line? 


  • Are your users complaining that they can't find the right content? 

Taxonomy & Metadata services

  • Do you know you need an enterprise or product taxonomy but aren't sure why or where to start? 


  • Is your organization at a cross-roads trying to decide what to do with an outdated taxonomy?


  • Do you need to understand how to govern taxonomies?


Navigation & Search services

  • Is your web team unsure of how to use taxonomies for site navigation?


  • Does your search system deliver irrelevant content? 


  • Do you need to understand how to build a profiling model for your users?